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Don't reinvent the wheel when building strategic references and trust. Learn the tactics and tools to be 75% faster time to market, capture 30% larger deals & bring 10x valuation to revenue ratio via our approach. You access exclusive gatherings with our Corporate VC Club partner with Senior Transformation Execs and AI Practitioners.

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Best of Breeds: Grow with AI

Pawel at Algo
Pawel Grzybowski, CCO (10 ms) Algolytics, Warsaw HQ
Customer Analytics ML for Telecoms
James at Cognism
James Isilay, CEO (13 ms) Cognism, London HQ
B2B Lead Gen Automation
Steven at Teradata
Stephen Brobst, CTO (13 ms) Teradata, San Diego HQ
Augmentation vs Automation with Enterprise Analytics

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Build Trust with Relevant Leaders

We curate and then help you meet the Execs in senior roles. You tell us what challenges, geographies or use cases you deliver on and we do the rest with zero wasted motion for you.

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Past Showcases & ML Peers

Senior Transformation Execs have met with more than 250+ tech firms related to Deep Tech -- from connected infrastructure to SaaS AI applications. Since 2013 we have showcased compelling AI technologies - like Adyen before their first funding round - and tactics that make smart growth more accessible. Led to cooperation for Cisco, Essity, United Airlines, Disney Interactive, Fidelity and other Global 5000 in fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, electronics, quantum computing, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, customer analytics, life sciences and green energy

Domains from Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas

  • AI Marketing Cloud: Synerise (Krakow)

  • Data Privacy: Privacycheq (San Francisco) 

  • Data Sharing: Eaglys (Tokyo)

  • Digital & Physical Experience Management: (Accra, Rightcom) 

  • IoT for Infrastructure: azeti (Berlin, Earlybird) 

  • Natural Language for Customer Care: Q-go (Amsterdam) 

  • Fintech: Adyen (Amsterdam)

  • Machine Learning Platform: Algolytics (Warsaw) 

  • Mobile Entertainment: Shazam (London) 

  • Mobile AI: Microsoft Swiftkey (London) 

  • Cloud Application Services: Gartner GetApp (Barcelona)

  • Nano 3D Printing/Advanced Manufacturing: XTPL (Wroclaw)

Why our Growth 2.0 approach is Unique

We are the only managed service with a 10 year track record helping regional champions to become global category leaders.

AI businesswoman

Meet ML & Deep Tech Pioneers

Access founders of the Growth 200. The best in Europe taking AI enterprise solutions global.


Focus 100% on Your Markets

Establish relationships in key markets with senior Execs including Berkeley, INSEAD and Ivy League alumni. 


Global Product-Market Fit Awards 

Gather insights to shorten cycles, differentiate and grow revenue in key markets anywhere in the world. 


Access Corporate VC Club

Join as Special Guest to Europe's most active Deep Tech industry & investor community, Tech Tour. 


1. Be a 2021 Growth 2.0 ‘Best of Breed" (Six weeks)

  • Present at Growth 2.0 Lab or Deep Tech programme (apply) organized by Corporate VC Club partner

  • Meet Peers using ML Patterns for global growth. 200+ Peer case studies & 20+ tech firm MDAS projects in NLP, AI, ML, Omnichannel, IoT, Blockchain and other smart tech domains (2013: Shazam, Adyen, 2021: Teradata, Cognism, Algolytics)

2. Do Market Development Discovery (Six months). Unlock revenue and serendipity. 25:1 ROI.

  • Engage top segments using a structured approach. 50:1 ROI.

  • Interview key Execs who anchor your market, know your domain and are strategic to the business (anywhere in the world)

  • Ecosystem Heat Map & GTM Assessment. Sales, Marketing, Product, Partner, Tech Stack GTM plan

3. Market Development-As-a-Service (Ongoing MDAS). For growth into non-local markets. 50:1 ROI.

  • Ongoing execution in strategic US or EMEA accounts 

  • US GTM Guidance/Advisory (non-execution, tune touchpoints to prospects & customers)

  • eLearning for "Growing with AI" with Video Briefs, eBooks, and content for Industry Executives

Our 10 year track record bridging industry and tech firms is accelerating to help you keep pace with change. Berkeley alumni hosted the first Growth 2.0 Lab in 2013 in Mountain View. 

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CEO Testimonials

Thorsten pic
Thorsten Schaefer Chairman, azeti (IoT, Berlin) & ex-Earlybird. Landed Cisco
Avoid the feeling ‘what am I missing’. Get a superior way to expand a market. Use this approach to lay groundwork in your strategic markets.
Kris pic
Krzysztof Blusz Global Expansion Director, Synerise AI Marketing Cloud
We trust them as our international GTM advisor & execution partner. Working with Lynn, Praveen and Chris was easy given their pragmatic mindset.
Marcel pic
Marcel Smit CEO Q-go, NLP used at KLM and Bank of America
The network built over many years and agile approach means you skip to the point, get most out of first steps, can adjust and maximize your results.


What Corporates & Investors Say

deborah magid
Deborah Magid Director Software Strategy, IBM Ventures
My life is about the global community….And that is who is here.
Peter Braun Board Member, European Business Angels Network
The quality of the people that are assembled.…at a very personal, very familiar level….is just fantastic.
Raymond Liao Managing Partner, Samsung NEXT
Samsung looks forward to being involved for many years to come.