How We Begin

We spoke recently about ways to work together. 

There are three approaches we use and have delivered super-sized results over 10+ years of Deep Tech global venturing:

  • Market Development Discovery to Land New or Expand Existing Markets

  • Market Developmant-As-a-Service (MDAS) to Add Team Capacity 

  • Growth Team AI-services for Performance & 'What Next' Backed by Data. 

Based on your situation, a tailored approach, deliverables, and ROI goal. Make a great investment in shareholder value. 

Approach 1 - Land

Market Development Discovery & Assessment

Typical execution: 

  • Engage up to three segments and two geographies
  • Establish contact at senior level with the best companies
  • Validate product-market fit w strategic segments
  • Lay groundwork for big deals with strategic clients (e.g., Disney Interactive, Fidelity, United Airlines, BofA) 
  • Get fit for an exit or funding round (e.g., 30% increase in pre-money value during next round) 

Cost: 50k package base + % of wins  

ROI: 20:1 value to cost ratio

Effort by management: <15% CPO/Head Products, <10% CEO, <15% CCO/Head Sales or Marketing. Three 90-minute Interviews in first month

Effort by existing team: <15% Low to medium. Junior marketing/content edits (20%), evangelist/pre-sales solution expert (20%)

Duration: 6 months


Approach 2 - Expand

Ongoing Market-Dev-As-a-Service (MDAS)

Typical execution: 

  • Add capacity and execute with key segments.
  • Consistent focus on a market segment to unlock flagship Revenue, targeted outbound, growth tech stack 
  • Improved differentiation versus top competitors for better exit strength 

Cases: Q-go (NLP exit 35m, 1.5b), azeti (exit), Hippo (ML segmentation exit). 50:1 returns via strategic revenue, tactics, tools.

ROI: 50:1 value to cost ratio

Effort by management: <25%

Effort by existing team: Low

Duration: 6 to 18 months


Approach 3 - Perform

AI-services, AI Talent & Specialized Referrals

Typical execution: 

  • Test algorithms and SaaS tools that improve growth along all touchpoints 
  • Uncover hidden data to create more insight and automation for your global team
  • AI Talent recruiting, execution and development
  • Introductions via affinity network and discovery with specific vendors, specialists and investors

5k p/m + % of revenue

ROI: 10:1 value to cost ratio



What Makes Us Unique

We have a track record of 30+ Market Development Discovery projects with focus on B2B and Data-related tech firms

We showcased practices from 200+ SaaS and Deep Tech companies like XTPL, Adyen, Cognism, Shazam, Swiftkey, Cinnamon and others growing from EMEA, US and Japan 

The approach works seamlessly/in parallel to existing team, operations and development plans

Can be switched on and off easily to grow in bursts 

Adapts tactics, tools and networks for smart growth to your situation

10+ years building a US-EMEA network of senior industry advisors as referral network 


Market Development Discovery

Phase 1 Deliverables

1) Typical Deliverables - Phase 1

  • Recommendations on GTM and Product positioning
  • Marketing feedback for content roadmap, website, video analytics, blogs and landing pages
  • Growth tech stack, workflow and augmenting the team
  • Good Roads map for revenue, distribution and acquisition
  • AI strategy and team/talent workflow
  • Discovery Qs and SWOT for product, content roadmap, use cases, competitors
  • Market Development Discovery Mini-Workshop - Scope was ABC -- We did ABC and ROI was XYZ
  • Thought Leadership: Showcase at Growth 2.0 Lab. Session attendees from Growth 2.0 Lab

2) Ecosystem Heatmap for Segments in US & EMEA 

  • Industry networks - Access networks of networks like Execs from 10 Labs (every year since 2013) and Berkeley or Ivy League
  • Partner networks - Map out partner segments, outreach, engage, enable (e.g., Cisco, Accenture, Razorfish)
  • Acquisition networks - Map out future acquisition segments, understand product roadmap implications and how to add value early
  • Peer networks - Meet and discuss challenges with other AI and ML entrepreneurs, industry experts, advisors
  • Investor networks - Unlimited networking with the Corporate VC Club Tech Tour Execs & Investors anytime in 2021 

3) 6-month controlled process for learning in new markets

  • Month 0 - Start-project - Identify companies, review existing touchpoints, define segments in geography X, industry Y, role Z
  • Month 2.5 - Checkpoint-project - Engage Execs w Discovery Qs, 2ndary market research 
  • Month 4 - Checkpoint-project - Collateral shared, insights gathered & Readiness Report
  • Month 6 - End-project - Tactics, tools, networks. Phase 1 re-freeze practices; Phase 2 un-freeze
  • Month 7+ - Laser focus on Increasing compounded growth rate, minimum 40-50% y/y growth (depending on mgmt goal)

Founding Partner

Apr 14, 2021


Market Development-As-a-Service

Managed Services

1) Market Development-as-a-Service

  • MDAS outbound - Segment feedback thru discovery meetings with specific companies in important geography. Use AB testing approach to new markets. Flagship client acquisition in a geography or segment
  • MDAS inbound - Review all touchpoints from Exec pov. Fill content gaps for Execs in new geographies
  • MDAS partnerships - Identify, engage and enable
  • AI strategy and product differentiation - feedback & diversification roadmap options. AIML strategy, product development roadmap
  • Growth stack - Use of Machine Learning for lead gen, with both inbound & outbound power. Recommend & train on growth stack for team adoption of best approach to smart growth.
  • Growth workflow - Define BDR, AE, marketing blueprint, budgets, practices including inside sales team (contractors or hires)
    Outreach to relevant investors, power evangelists, advisors, board members

2) Thought Leadership activities

  • Growth 2.0 Labs & video distribution for thought leadership with Peer, Industry and Partner network
  • Top Enterprises from Corporate Club - Engage your industry segment in new market/geo as a Thought Leader
  • Ecosystem Heatmaps - Ecosystem assessment, strategic partner acquisition & enablement
  • Growth Execution - "Unfreeze" and "Refreeze" tactics, process and toolsets
  • Machine Learning Leadership - Assess Product-market fit, positioning & differentiation in a market.
  • Fresh eyes on Marketing Content - Identify gaps in content marketing for Digital Execs different geographies

3) Advisory activities 

  • Growth stack, workflow & team roadmap - Review and recommendations on Growth 2.0 tools/techniques/services 
  • Outward Facing - Positioning & 'review' of touchpoints like website, social channels, data sheets, pitch decks, marketing materials, partner agreements
  • Internal Ops - Content roadmaps, Sales plans, proformas, financials, term sheets, contracts
  • Add-on Roles - Marketing PR, BDR, Market Intelligence, AI Product Strategy
  • CXO/VP Coach - Mission, vision and goals for individuals & teams. 30-60-90 day plan coaching. 18 month global leadership coaching.

Founding Partner

Mar 9, 2021


Return on Investment

Cases and Levers

1) Compounded growth 

Multiples (10x) valuation on revenue acquired. Establish as a global category leader.

  • Case example: Rightnow Technologies 50%+ growth y/y  <18 ms - e.g., add NLP to portfolio for 2nd fastest growing company in US.

2) General ROI 

Deliver 20:1 ROI. Can uplevel growth by 5% to 15% in Year 1 - measured in revenue, effectiveness.

  • Case example 1: Q-go <6 months - e.g., 500k ARR strategic revenues in five months or done 50 accounts  
  • Case example 2: Azeti <9 months - e.g., Strategic partnership which trigger fundraising, and eventual exit
  • Case example 2: Hippo (acq. Bloomreach) <18 ms - e.g., manage big brands

3) Functional ROI 

Each department KPIs for their functional goals.

Shareholder and Investor ROI

  • More negotiating power with future investors
  • More value to existing shareholders
  • Set of exit options, fitness for next funding round 

Marketing ROI

  • Higher impact campaigns. Relevant content
  • Enable new patterns for inbound/outbound
  • Tune touchpoints to (website, landing pages, social channels, content plan, decks, data sheets, demos, videos, etc)

BD and Sales ROI 

  • Growth deal sizes
  • Win strategic clients
  • Shorter cycles. Improved positioning 

Product ROI

  • Validates product-market fit with most important segments
  • Product differentiation, towards revenue and acquisition segments
  • Thought leadership (speaking, videos, blogs, whitepapers, case studies)

Management Team & Recruitment

  • Clarity the global opportunity with minimal effort
  • Teams and new talent use better roads to grow
  • Shareholders double or triple future worth


Founding Partner

Feb 10, 2021

More About Us

Who We Are: Global Venture Advisors has been doing B2B growth since 2013. We have 10+ years analyzing patterns growth leaders use to create shareholder value. Our Founding Partner has been doing SaaS enterprise since 2000, when he co-founded & led products at

What We Do: Accelerate growth in EMEA, US & Asia with Market Development advisory & As-a-Service (MDAS). We have done 25+ such engagements with AI application companies including European, US and Japanese companies in the 20 to 2,000 emp range.

Global Venture Advisors (GVA) was started in 2013 to help tech firms grow revenues in strategic markets. GVA does year-round Market Discovery & Market Development-As-a-Service (MDAS) with elite entrepreneurs. Speciality is in AI applications, ML platforms & SaaS/IoT data services. 

Why We Do It:  Growth strategies are critical for entrepreneurs today. Challenge facing entrepreneurs: since 2014 the success rates of growth teams has decreased nearly four fold -- as Executives on both sides are overwhelmed by automation and the "noise" in market. Pandemic has increased reliance on remote sales and marketing - and companies are more disconnected than ever. In addition, GDPR laws in Europe and increasingly in US like California and a dozen states following their lead. B2B companies that invest properly in their growth, to remove barriers to growth before their team hits them, will be the winners.

How We Do It: We focus on market development execution and advisory using enterprise market patterns. 

What Is the Benefit: Tech firms that can develop a well managed growth engine and global product-market fit see a 10:1 valuation boost vs. strategic revenue. Even smaller companies start to combine human knowledge and networks, with Machine Learning as a differentiator for the business (Cognism, Teradata, Algolytics good examples from the 10th Growth 2.0 Lab last month). 

Past Clients and Cases: see Cases