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We have 10+ years analyzing patterns growth leaders use to create shareholder value.

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Accelerate growth in EMEA, US & Asia with Market Development advisory & As-a-Service (MDAS).

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10X Your Business Valuation By Scaling Globally 

You want to grow faster and manage the hyper growth. But you are hitting the limits of what's possible. We bring you an agile, non-disruptive - and low-risk - way to evolve, step-by-step, into a market. Our structured approach lets you continuously improve using patterns that work. Better discovery and market development, leads to better execution and team development. The right tactics, tools and networks for the next stage of smart, human and AI enabled growth.

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Tech Investors

Protect IRR & Grow Your Portfolio Companies By Scaling Globally

Whether you have a new founder or a veteran who is scaling globally, make sure they have what they need to meet and blow through their barrier to growth. Each dollar in strategic revenue can add 10x of valuation to the business. The rule of compounding adds up. By focusing 100% on strategic revenue a global operation adopts tactics and can pick up tools that help them divide and multiply. Market Development-As-a-Service is an approach that combines human creativity and teaming patterns augmented with technology. 

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Senior VPs in Digital Transformation

Spur Innovation by Connecting with Elite Tech Entrepreneurs

The biggest danger facing your company is you get out-innovated by agile, better-funded transformation budget companies. To avoid this, you must stay connected to the latest practices, ideas, and culture that powers Tech Startups across the world. We help you share knowledge and cooperate with best-in-class entrepreneurs in AI and ML-related applications from Europe, Japan, and the US markets. Find out how to transform gradually, safely, while adding the key capabilities you need to stay ahead.

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What Makes Us Unique

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Thorsten Schaefer Chairman, Azeti (IoT, Berlin)
Avoid the feeling ‘what am I missing’. Get a superior way to expand a market. Use this approach to lay groundwork in your strategic markets.
Chris b
Chris Barton Project Lead, Cybershop Market Discovery
I really enjoyed working with Chris. He is very insightful, has excellent skills in strategic planning, and is very creative. I highly recommend Chris!
Marcel pic
Marcel Smit CEO Q-go, NLP solution
The network, veteran expertise and agile approach means you skip to the point and get most out of first steps, adjusting and maximising your results.



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