Gain a window into the Blueprints, Bots & Ecosystem partners to help your organization 'Grow with AI'

Leverage 10+ years of experience introducing entrepreneurial smart services like chat, social monitoring, avatars, channel spend analytics, physical-digital data with industry transformation leaders like Disney Interactive, Bank of America, Cisco, Accenture, United Airlines.

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Improve Digital Transformation In 2021 With Stronger AI Partnerships

Most Execs don't feel they have the right partner ecosystems to enable transformative success. 37% of Executives cited limited AI expertise or knowledge and 26% cited a lack of tools for developing AI models.

Growth 2.0 Labs can Inspire Business Execs and their organizations learn how to Develop and Grow Markets using AI. This becomes groundwork to build an Enterprise AI Strategy or Roadmap for AI-related services in functions ripe for disruption.

Next Growth 2.0 Labs

24 March, 4pm at Future21 with European Corporate VC Club
(speakers: Teradata CTO, Cognism CEO & Algolytics CCO)

9 April, with RISE program in The Netherlands

Q2 to Q4 with European Leadership University

Labs are used by VCs, VC Clubs, Ecosystems and Corporates and answer the Why, What and Hows of AI - so-called 'Business Explainability'.


We help you Inspire, Curate and Grow with AI



Organize a Learning Lunch or Lab for your Leaders or Distributed Growth Team

The first key point to move to a better future is to expose a team to capabilities that they can relate to in their functional role and personal interests.

This interactive, workshop format covers the Why, What and Hows of AI, ML and Cloud services related to the business functions of an enterprise. Building awareness of what's 'out there' can help even non-technical leaders and teams help the company adapt to the outside world and execute their work with greater confidence. 



Meet Peers who are experienced AI founders and Digital Execs that have scaled transformation before

The Peer and Professional network built over years offers a resource. In 2013 we began doing labs for corporates with companies like Shazam, Adyen and Soundcloud. This year Teradata, Algolytics and Cognism CXOs share latest knowledge on growth using augmented intelligence, social network analytics and data governance. Build business relationships with our help and s or upskill in areas relevant to your teams' interests and needs. 



Build an AI Strategy and Identify Ripe Functions for Disruption

On the road to your AI transformation, once you have inspired people around you the next step is to assess what data exists and develop an AI Strategy. Finding the functions and processes that can benefit from AI like marketing (or market analysis, opportunity identification, care/loyalty, or workforce planning, etc)

We have worked with AI applications from EMEA, the US and Japan and can tailor your particular scenario. This strategic plan can be a roadmap, provide easy ways to test and measure ideas in the field, test effectiveness of AI-assisted services that reinforce your go to market plans, such as sales insights widgets and team analytics, chatbots and virtual agents as well as neural networks like OpenAI that have begun to open APIs to their services. 



Proof-of-Concept in AI, ML or Cloud Service

We can help you draft the RFX and select a vendor. Using an AI Strategy (from Step 3) helps to prioritize, assess the ROI and calibrate, making a low-risk path. This can be a widget that helps a team member, clarifies what to spend on a service or tune a specific algorithm that enables your business.

We have faced many of the challenges of building support, deploying and measuring ROI on an AI journey. United Airlines increased the relevance of online answers by nearly 2x by moving from indexing to semantic models in customer care. We help curate solution providers from Europe, the US and Japan, can help you meet the entrepreneurs that help you deliver transformative value to the business.



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What our Clients Say about Us

Raymond Liao, Managing Partner Samsung NEXT Ventures
We will participate in Global Venture Labs for many years to come...I especially like to focus on AI, Blockchain and IoT.
Lisa Caswell, ex-CEO eMeter, a Siemens Company
Chris has a tremendous appreciation and understanding of market conditions...and creative and thoughtful solutions that pair unique assets.
Martin Whitfield, Director Aerospace & Defense HCL Technologies
I worked with Chris for a number of years. His brings professionalism with the client combined with technical ability and business solution approach.

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