3-Steps to Remote Market Development

The Pandemic has forced a rethink. This 7-part video tutorial is for SaaS, AI or Deep Tech Executives expanding or re-validating in a remote market. Watch Chris Mott, Founding Partner Global Venture Advisors

Part 1: Using a Small Team Like A Startup 

(Duration: 9:37 mins)

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Part 2: Fire & Ice - 5 Deep Tech CEO Cases

(Duration: 10:55 mins)

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Part 3: Personal Breakthrus

(Duration: 11:18 mins)

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Part 4: The 3-Step Approach 

(17:33 mins)

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Global-Market Fit Is In Your Reach

Based on patterns and hands-on knowledge of 250+ Global Growth consulting projects, our Market Growth consultants leverage tactics and tools used by B2B Tech firms that developed/scaled their market across the ocean to build a profitable Sales team and implement a more agile approach to Remote Market Development. 

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Why Telescope Approach Is Right For You


Access Young Sales & AI Talent

Access Growth Managers and Peers who led global Business Development for 200+ companies.


Build Video Sales Funnel 

Use video outbound for remote market analysis & transform VSL operations to support team. 


Niche Product-Market Insights

Discover insights to shorten cycles, differentiate and grow revenue in key markets anywhere in the world. 


Affinity Network Referral Platform

Scale up using our distribution platform and partner channels, like Europe's leading Deep Tech network. 

How Does It Work?

A growth consultant helps you access knowledge and C-suite Exec networks

  1. Market Development Phase 1 (4 to 6 months)

    • Isolate a Niche & Focus Resources

    • Oubound (free methods) + CEO/VP Video Sales Letters 

    • Re-Validate Global Product-Market Positioning 

  2. Expansion Protocol (6 to 12 months)

    • Expand Market, Extend Partner, Defend Exit

    • Build a Profitable Sales Team - VSLs, Playbooks, Onboarding, Email Cadences

    • Access AI & BD Talent - Growth Consultants and Grad Students

  3. Create an AI Advantage for You Business

    • Augment Using AI & Automation - Try Out Services in a Useful Growth Tech Stack

    • AI Product Assessment - Product Roadmap for NLP, Vision, ML Features

    • Learn From Peers - "Grow with AI" Video Library - See recent videos by clicking Growth 2.0 Insights

    • GDPR Compliant B2B Lead Generation (Cognism, CEO James Isilay - 13 ms)
      ML for Customer Analytics (Algolytics, CCO Pawel Grzybowski - 10 ms)
      Augmentated Intelligence vs Automation (Teradata, CTO Stephen Brobst - 13 ms)
      AI Micro-Services (SAP, Global VP Intelligent Enterprise Marc Teerlink - 11 ms)
      Deep Learning Adoption in Traditional Industry (Gravity R&D, CEO Domonkos Tikk - 18 ms)


What our Clients Say about Us

Thorsten pic
Thorsten Schaefer Chairman, azeti (IoT, Berlin) & ex-Earlybird. Landed Cisco
Avoid the feeling ‘what am I missing’. Get a superior way to expand a market. Use this approach to lay groundwork in your strategic markets.
Kris pic
Krzysztof Blusz Global Expansion Director, Synerise AI Marketing Cloud
We trust them as our international GTM advisor & execution partner. Working with Lynn, Praveen and Chris was easy given their pragmatic mindset.
Marcel pic
Marcel Smit CEO Q-go, NLP used at KLM and Bank of America
The network built over many years and agile approach means you skip to the point, get most out of first steps, can adjust and maximize your results.

Learn From 250+ B2B Leaders 

Growth is a step-by-step building process. Our growth consulting helps companies analyze, test, and scale more quickly than their competition. We have helped our clients close deals with brands like Cisco, Apple, Essity, United Airlines, Disney Interactive, led 30+ expansion cases, and gotten 200+ ventures — including Shazam, Adyen, Soundcloud, Synerise, Rightnow, Q-go, Swiftkey, Opimizely — to guide their Peers. 

Past Client & Speaker Cases

  • Advanced Manufacturing: XTPL (Europe - US)
  • AI Marketing Cloud: Synerise (Europe - US)
  • Data Privacy Platform: Privacycheq (Europe - US) 
  • Data Sharing Service: Eaglys (Japan - US)
  • Deep Learning for Personalization: Gravity R&D (Europe - US) 
  • Fintech: Adyen (US)
  • IoT for Infrastructure: azeti (Europe - US) 
  • Lead Generation: Cognism (Europe)
  • Location Intelligence: Algolytics (Europe - US) 
  • Machine Learning Platform: H2O.ai (Europe)
  • Mobile Entertainment: Shazam (US) 
  • Mobile AI: Microsoft Swiftkey (US) 
  • Natural Language Processing: Q-go (Europe - US)

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AI in Business Video Library


"Location Intelligence Meets CRM"

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"GDPR Compliant Lead Gen"

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"AI to Augment or Automate?"

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"Use AI for Carbon Footprints"

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