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International GTM Development & Expansion Protocol For Category Leaders

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We Are Growth Consultants to B2B Scaleup, Unicorn & Global 5000 Leaders.

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We Are An Applied Go-to-Market Learning Service for B2B Growth, Product & Partner Teams.

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Expand Using a Telescope

You want to remain capital-efficient as you grow markets. But your team is hitting the limits of what's possible. We bring you a non-disruptive way to build funnels one by one. Adapt your Go-to-Market using senior executive networks. Create new video scripts that codify the knowledge in people's heads and codify the things that allow remote team members to perform. Break the bottlenecks in your international sales operation. Transform your growth operations. Increase velocity with a "telescoping" approach to remote market development. 

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A Growth Protocol Useable By Tech Funds

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Why can't more investors offer a growth service, like A16Z or Project-A do? We offer an operational sales and marketing blueprint funds can use with their portfolio. The tech firms pay for the service as an alternative to hiring. VCs get a GTM and AI toolkit. We've done 30+ GTM Development projects with VCs. 250+ B2B firms including B2B Unicorns used this approach. Our joint projects closed brands like Fidelity, Disney Interactive, Apple, Essity, United Airlines, Accenture, IBM, Cisco, Intel & Dell. Funds got exits from 34m to 1.3b US$. 

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Corporate Leaders Meet Peers & Best-of-Breeds 

Learning To Grow With AI

Business Leaders want vetted knowledge about AI, SaaS & Deep Tech-solutions. We have co-hosted dozens of micro-gatherings with clients and initiated over 5,000 meetings between best-in-class Entrepreneurs and their Industry Peers. Business Leaders also want to learn the why, what and how of solutions. We built a methodology that focuses on translating knowledge of founders into a resource library of original content designed for Business Executives who evangelize game-changing technology in their own organization. 

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What People Say About Working With Us

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Thorsten Schaefer Chairman, Azeti (IoT, Berlin)
Avoid the feeling ‘what am I missing’. Get a superior way to expand a market. Use this approach to lay groundwork in your strategic markets.
Chris b
Chris Barton Project Lead, Cybershop Market Discovery
I really enjoyed working with Chris. He is very insightful, has excellent skills in strategic planning, and is very creative. I highly recommend Chris!
Marcel pic
Marcel Smit CEO Q-go, NLP solution
The network, veteran expertise and agile approach means you skip to the point and get most out of first steps, adjusting and maximising your results.

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