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Go-to-Market & Talent Development

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Expansion Protocol for Sales & ML Teams

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Micro-Events to Access Clients & Talent

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GTM & Talent Resource Center  

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What Our Clients Say

Kris pic
Krzysztof Blusz Global Expansion Director, Synerise AI Marketing Cloud
We trust them as our international GTM advisor & execution partner. Working with Lynn, Praveen and Chris was very easy given their experience and pragmatic mindset.
Thorsten pic
Thorsten Schaefer Chairman, azeti (IoT, Berlin) & ex-Earlybird.
Avoid the feeling ‘what am I missing’. Get a superior way to expand a market. Use this approach to lay groundwork in your strategic markets. We met, closed & grew the world's best partner for us.
Roel Prime
Roel de Hoop Prime Ventures, Partner (ex)
I connected one of our portfolio companies to build their North America business...the market strategy, business development and sales had a material impact on the exit value.

Go-to-Market Development

Map Out Your International GTM & Access Talent You Need

You have a strong B2B product, business thesis and a loyal customer-base. Our Go-to-Market & Talent development approach uses a small team to isolate a niche, build growth scaffolding and develop the team you need based on international market feedback. Accelerate growth for Deep Tech projects using distributed team practices and pre-screened Data Engineering service partners. Make it easy to validate your GTM and product roadmap to make better informed decisions and hire into a working model.



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Expansion Protocol (Global HQ-as-a-Service)


Get a $30-$50 Return on every $1 Invested in < 12 months

The Expansion Protocol creates sustainable client and talent funnels. You can expand the growth team - recruit, train and execute using a growth playbook that works equally well for remote team members as those working in the HQ. The first video sales letters that codified founder knowledge are enabling people to hit more targets and close larger deals. Attract technical talent from around the world and add a 30 to 50x return and compound shareholder value like a future Unicorn should.


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Micro-Events For Distribution & Talent 

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Shine a Light on the Path Ahead

Micro-Events showcase your knowledge with key influencers, decision-makers and talent. Shine a light on the path ahead in your market with other B2B thought leaders. Use distribution and team enablement methods which are tailored to your business needs, where you engage your center of gravity from a client, partner and talent point of view. Distribution via video content using an extended network like IBM, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Tech Tour, and Ecosystem leaders from the Americas, EMEA and Asia. Next 'Grow with AI' session: 15 September.

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Go-to-Market & AI Talent Resource Center

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Improve Individual & Team Productivity

Individuals and teams can advance their knowledge with videos, live speakers and 1-1 coaching. Watch original "Why, What, How" video content from experts from Teradata, SAP, Cognism, Alexa Fund/AWS,, Teradata, Adyen, Microsoft and the European Leadership University. Learn to augment teams with knowledge from the market and useful tactics and tools. Businesses from all industries are realizing the promise that AI brings across the enterprise. We'll share a 100+ resource GTM & AI Toolkit with your entire team.


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