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We Saw A Problem Growing In US & Europe 'Simultaneously' When We Were Entrepreneurs

We Created a Solution For Others To Use

We developed the Growth 2.0 concept -- a collection of techniques like 'Telescoping' that help a small team within a much larger organization to isolate a niche and build a game-changing funnel. This is something we'd hoped to find as entrepreneurs ourselves.

Building a Go-to-Market that also has good product positioning in a remote market is a challenge. Telescoping is a best practice used in the market for US and Europe growth projects. Insights in a given market requires 5 to 10 key discussions to write effective video sales scripts. One to two campaigns is enough to improve funnel scaffolding. Codified growth playbooks help distributed teams bring strategic revenue and market execution forward.

Today, the world is less open than it was five years ago. Yet tech companies future exit depends on having a capital efficient path to growth in remote markets. In a fragmented landscape, markets becomes more localized and competitive. An entrepreneur needs read a market not make assumptions, and get the organization to adapt to get to the right unit economics.

Use Our Modernized Tactics & Ten-Year Network

Big, plodding expansion plans rarely work out for founders except those with untethered funding rounds. Short, iterative tactics do.We bring proven tactics that are based on theories of mobility and capital efficiency. In a world where the tech industry valuations are coming down, these capital efficient approaches are the difference between bloated valuations and lean, mean, fighting machines.

One example of our tactics is called re-location. Re-location means bringing the customers to you. We've held dozens of invitation-only micro-gatherings to help tech firms meet senior Execs in their wheelhouse. 250+ elite B2B SaaS, Enterprise AI and Deep Tech entrepreneurs and 500 senior transformation Execs from industry have met to discuss international GTMs and how to Grow with AI, such as:

  • Stephen Brobst (San Francisco) - CTO of Teradata, discussing "Augmented versus Artificial Intelligence"

  • James Isilay (London) - CEO of Cognism on "GDPR compliant Lead Generation" and "Cognism’s grow-thru-acquisition experience"

  • Pawel Grzybowski (Warsaw) - Board & CCO of Algolytics for "Customer Analytics and Location Intelligence" 

  • Marc Teerlink (Amsterdam) - Global VP Enterprise Intelligence at SAP for "Using AI Microservices"

  • Domonkos Tikk (Budapest) - CEO Gravity R&D for "Deep Learning Adoption in Traditional Industry"

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Industry Advisors


VP Digital Retail & eCommerce

Raj is a world leader in retail transformation. As VP Technology eCommerce and Big Data which at Kohl’s Digital business from 500 Million to 4 Billion in 8 years. He offers insight to product-market fit and for market leadership. He has led the Omni-channel strategy and development of the new digital architectures.


Product Strategy, ServiceNow

Nitin has nearly 20 years in enterprise cloud technology and leads Products at one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world. Brings deep understanding of how data & AI are transforming high tech and traditional industries. Worked previously at RightNow Technologies and Oracle, and was responsible for integrating Natural Language services across many verticals.

Lynn Marie
Chief Marketing Officer,
Beneficial State Bank

Over the past 25 years Lynn Marie has held leadership roles at financial services entities like Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo. Lynn Marie has deep expertise in digital channel strategies, martech stacks, customer experience, product development, impact banking and investing and client-side transformation. Lynn Marie holds a BA and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Bob Rogers,
PhD Harvard
AI Healthcare
Transformation UCSF

Bob is the Expert in Residence for AI at University of California, San Francisco’s Smarter Health and AI advisor to Harvard Medical School, focused on healthcare, supply chain and other aspects of patient care. Ex-Chief Data Office Intel. Provides key insights to healthcare providers and understands the areas ripe for disruption by AI services. Solving real problems with analytics and AI.

Connect With Our Founding Partner

"I can still remember when Apple said No over the phone while I was outside on my lunch break, and not giving up. To my surprise, the next week, they sent people to our office. We hashed out a scope and spent the next few months in Cupertino, mapping out the Made for iPod programme." - Christopher Mott

Christopher 'Che' Mott


Global Venture Advisors

"International market development is changing. But there is always a pattern of learning led by small teams then shared with the rest of the organization as it works. We have codified an approach to this."

My name is Chris and like you have dreamed of building a global tech company. In all likelihood you don't know me, and so I wanted to share a bit about my background and a few thoughts on growth in the year ahead.

I spent almost nine years in California building a SaaS data company and the last 10 working with SaaS, AI and Deep Tech tech leaders on growth. I've had near death experiences with my own company, but also know what it's like to land big clients, get a funnel working in a remote market and the ripple effect of success on the business.

I can still remember when Apple said No over the phone while I was outside on my lunch break, and not giving up. To my surprise, the next week, they sent guys to our office. We spent the next few months in Cupertino, mapping out their Made for iPod programme. When you keep a bit of pressure on your important market niches unexpected things can click.

In 2022, Telescoping is an approach a tech firm with a great product should consider. Check out the videos that explain in detail how it works. And how it can bolt on to an existing venture fund so they can attract and succeed with the best companies possible.

Sharing the knowledge on ways that a tech firm can grow is our passion, especially when it involved veterans and young talent who can make the difference. Going for the jugular in your market. Listening carefully while you do so you can adapt and codify the right things. Then have the machinery in place to hire, train and upscale growth teams when the unit economics make sense.

Whlie my AI & business experience was built in the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Asia and Ukraine, eventually, my family and I made the personal decision to move to The Netherlands. 10 years since I moved here, I'm still obsessed with the idea of how the right mix of tactics, tools and people lead to compounded growth.

A founder growing with international wins is riding one of the best waves out there. Now we have an team and network of 'Bad A***s' who can help you on your journey. 

Let's set up a time to talk about your growth and sales team goals, and we'll show you how to do it. Then you can do it for yourself; or decide to work together with us.




Industry Advisors

Raymond Liao, PhD Columbia University
Managing Director at Samsung NEXT Ventures

Raymond works on frontier technology like AI, IoT and Blockchain. Previously Raymond was the founding CTO of Siemens Industrial Communications business in Germany. He started as an innovator at Siemens Berkeley to commercialize his PhD as a startup but failed post dot-com bubble, then as a spin-in and grew into the market-leading industrial WLAN business.

Charis Kaskiris,
PhD Berkeley
Senior Data Science Manager, Manufacturing

Charis leads Autodesk's digital experience data science engineering team of 25 distributed professionals. Creates machine learning-based products that help drive business decision-making across sales, marketing, customer engagement and digital experience while providing actionable analytics to senior management. Track record of delivering solutions across different industries.

Whitney Hischier,
MBA Berkeley 

Faculty, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Whitney teaches an International Lab for MBA's and designs courses for Cal's High Tech Executive education program.  Her clients are multi-industry have included The World Bank, Statoil, Innovation Denmark, Whitney was the Assistant Dean for executive education and built the business 10x. Whitney holds a BA from Stanford and an MBA from Haas.

Alper Utku
President Board of Directors, ELU

Alper is President of the European Leadership University, a next-generation university in Europe linking education and employment with a focus on leadership development. ELU is setting the future of education. Founding Partner of MCT, the leading management development and organisational change consultancy to clients like Saudi Telecom, TEB-BNP Paribas, Vodafone, Turkcell, and Janssen.

Internationally Focused Company

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Global Headquarters

San Jose, California

Center of Excellence

Warsaw, Poland

ML Engineering and Marketing

Board of Advisors

Peter Braun

CEO, Cleancell AG,
ex-Board at EBAN

Peter is an ex-rocket scientist with over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and in various top management roles in aerospace (Airbus group) and automotive industries (Daimler). As a founder and entrepreneur he completed two IPOs one in the United States and one in Germany and accompanied several others. Peter is a former airforce pilot and has spoken on global growth at several Growth 2.0 Labs.

Zygmunt Grajkowski

Managing Partner,
Giza Polish Ventures

Zygmunt has led tech companies and venture capital funds for over three decades. He served as Managing Partner of the Giza Polish Ventures. Zygmunt led M&A at PricewaterhouseCoopers then served five years as Managing Partner of one of the largest PE funds in Central Europe. He led 70 equity transactions, mergers and acquisitions and is a founder of StartUpHub Poland. Awarded "World Young Businessmen Achiever" and the title of "Man of the Year in ICT sector".

Deborah Magid

Director, Software Strategy,
IBM Venture Capital

Deborah represents IBM’s $40 billion software and hardware businesses in the company’s 15-year old Venture Capital Group. Responsible for sharing insights about emerging markets, technologies, and business models with venture firms and entrepreneurs around the world. Fueling IBM’s ecosystem pipeline in high growth strategic areas such as IoT, security, analytics and cognitive computing. She is based in Silicon Valley and her relationships are global and extend into emerging geographies.


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