International market development is changing...

My name is Chris and like you have dreamed of building a global tech company. In all likelihood you don't know me, and so I wanted to share a bit about my background and a few thoughts on growth in the year ahead.

I spent almost nine years in California building a SaaS data company and the last 10 working with SaaS, AI and Deep Tech tech leaders on growth. I've had near death experiences with my own company, but also know what it's like to land big clients and the ripple effect it has on the business.

I can still remember when Apple said No over the phone while I was outside on my lunch break, and not giving up. To my surprise, the next week, they sent guys to our office. We spent the next few months in Cupertino, mapping out their Made for iPod programme.

When you keep a bit of pressure on your important market niches things can click.

Eventually, my family and I made the personal decision to move to Europe, so I went through the rigamaroll of developing a plan to open the EU office and pitched the Board. 10 years since I moved to Europe with my family, I'm still obsessed with the idea of compounded growth. A founder growing with international wins is riding one of the best waves out there. 

In 2022, Telescoping is an investment a tech firm with a great product should consider. Check out the videos that explain in excrutiating detail how it works. Sharing the knowledge on ways that a tech firm can grow is our passion, especially when it involved veterans and young talent who can make the difference. Going for the jugular in your market. Listening carefully. Codifying things. Then scaling when the unit economics make sense.

We are happy to set up a time to talk about your growth and sales team goals.