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Azeti is a Berlin-based IoT for infrastructure platform and portfolio company of Earlybird. An Earlybird partner had become the CEO of one of portfolio companies. He wanted to establish partnerships with the best in class.

We built a list of 25 global IoT market leaders like SAP, Siemens, Cisco. We hosted azeti at a Growth 2.0 Lab and established ties to a short list of the original group. 

Deployed as Cisco’s first ‘app’ inside the Linux guest system for IoT infrastructure solutions. Enabled Cisco sales and Integrators on a global basis. Intel and Dell followed, and shortened time spent by management on the next funding cycle.

Recently acquired by a German industrial and developing a 160b euro market.

BLOCKCHAIN.COM is connecting the world to the future of finance. Known as the world's most popular crypto wallet, is transforming the $14T financial services industry. Millions of across the globe – from single individuals to the largest institutions – have an easy and safe way to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency.

Blockchain’s founders participated in two Growth 2.0 Labs with more than 100 global investors and dozens of Industry Execs from EMEA and US. is backed by leading investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners and Google Ventures.


Billon provides client services for handling documents and regulated e-money on blockchain. Billon created a protocol and system for national currency payments and document storage at scale to unleash the transformational capabilities of blockchain in the regulated world. The system also supports clients developing their own enterprise solutions in areas of Trusted Document Management, Regulated Digital Cash and Asset & Data Tokenization. 

Billon participated in a Growth 2.0 Lab blockchain accelerator program led by Global Venture Advisors with IBM’s US evangelist and leading blockchain tech firms from Europe, China and the US. The program built relationships with 20+ senior Execs from Peer companies and industry leaders like Samsung, SAP, Ingram Micro. Billon’s partner list today includes leading companies such as FIS, Raiffeisen Bank International and BIK (the Polish credit reporting agency). Billon has offices in London and Warsaw.


Cinnamon AI is a global Enterprise AI startup located in Tokyo, US, Vietnam, and Taiwan which provides an AI document reader to automate the data extraction from unstructured documents to the financial industry. 

Cinnamon started to expand to the US from 2018 and in 2019 conducted Market Discovery through Global Venture Advisors. They have acquired 50+ paying customers from large corporations and raised $15M Series B funding in Jan 2019. is the open source leader in AI and automatic machine learning in financial services, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, pharmaceuticals and marketing. is used by more than 20,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of data scientists. participated in a Growth 2.0 Lab AI program led by Global Venture Advisors with leading enterprise AI companies from The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Germany. The program brought AI and ML insights to entrepreneurs, investors from UK, Poland, Benelux and industry leaders like Autodesk, TVP and RoyalDutch Haskoning.


Synerise is a high performing enterprise AI company with marketing cloud clients around the world. With 200 employees and global expansion ramping up. Built segment list and adapted collateral with Global Expansion, BD lead and CMO to campaign into new markets. 

Triggered first POC requests from top companies in strategic markets. Engaged 50 VP Digital Execs and eCommerce leads in three key industries: financial services, retail, and entertainment. Conducted Market Discovery with 15 senior Execs providing insight into local market context and GTM strategy. 

Advised management team and defined tactics for market growth using Discovery approach into key verticals brands like Wells Fargo, William Sonoma, Viacom/MTV, using vertical advisors from the Berkeley community, a director and VP executive. 


Unbabel is Powered by AI and refined by a community of human translators to combines the speed and scale of machine translation with the authenticity that can come only from a native speaker. Leading brands like Facebook, Microsoft,, and easyJet use Unbabel to make their customers happier and their support operations vastly more efficient. 

Unbabel’s Global Partner SVP joined two Growth 2.0 Labs led by Global Venture Advisors and other leading enterprise deep tech platforms like Sentience and Sigfox. The program built relationships with 20+ senior Execs from Peer companies and industry leaders like Audi, SAP and Microsoft.. Unbabel has raised $91M in funding and has over 200 employees across its Lisbon headquarters and offices in San Francisco, New York, and Pittsburgh.


Aravo is a SaaS data platform for cloud-based solutions for managing third party governance, risk & compliance. Leading global brands use Aravo for their end-to-end enterprise supplier and third party risk management. 

We validated the SaaS and Data Lifecycle Management product strategy, developed the deployment approach and built a funnel leading to many of the anchor deals like Accenture, Apple, Cisco, the US Navy and Caterpillar.  

Today Aravo is rated top in class by Forrester Research and offers groundbreaking compliance and sustainability solutions, ahead of industry giants like SAP and Oracle. Aravo supports 260,000 corporate users and 6.2 million third party users in 36 languages and 154 countries. 


Algolytics is an AI Platform used by major telecoms, financial services and logistics companies in Europe. The company is one of the top data science teams in CEE tech scene. High-end, in-house developed tools for Data Mining, Machine Learning & Stream Data Processing are ready for growth markets. 

Algolytics is establishing global market positioning for Predictive Analytics, Scoring, Marketing Automation, Location Intelligence and advanced AI analytics Market Discovery and product positioning in EMEA and US across three key verticals with VP Digital and Data Science Execs. 


With a global footprint, Bloomreach powers over 25% of all eCommerce experiences across the US & UK and supports 300+ global enterprises including Neiman Marcus, CapitalOne, Staples, NHS Digital, Bosch, Puma, and Marks & Spencer. 

We helped Amsterdam based Hippo, prior to the acquisition by Bloomreach, to expand existing revenue clients by 50% and scale up customers like

Disney Interactive. Worked with senior management to develop a North America GTM strategy that included a new team for sales, pre-sales and solution architecture, as well as a new customer care process to focus on strategic market segment expansion. Integrated sales and marketing campaigns for international markets. 

Reinforced global category leadership in Omnichannel CX by landing and expanding strategic customers and built in value for future merger with Bloomreach.


We helped CCO of the company to build a new horizontal approach to enable matrix team of 25 members to deliver solutions for strategic markets like Germany, UK, Benelux and the US. Tested HQ driven GTM strategy for online markets coordinating with regional Managing Directors across three continents. Gathered insights from across the global sales team, assisted marketing with new product positioning, assessed strategic partnerships with Yahoo! and Google for online market solutions and US market expansion. 

The acquisition of Cordys by OpenText brought a 100% native cloud-based BPM platform and PaaS solution, cloud orchestration, integration ESB, rules engine, business activity monitoring, social and mobile interfaces, and an application development environment to their global solution portfolio.


Shazam is one of the most popular apps of all time, downloaded over a billion times and used by hundreds of millions of people each month to connect to the world around them. The company was founded in 1999 by Berkeley grads Chris Barton and Philip Inghelbrecht. In 2013 and 2014, the Shazam co-founders joined our Growth 2.0 Labs with senior management from Soundcloud, Adyen and other elite entrepreneurs to share lessons learned with digital industry executives.


Q-go was a sixty person Natural Language Processing technology company based in Amsterdam. The company had raised 12+m euro including Prime Ventures and Newion. Doing 5m ARR and established a dominant position in Europe with KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, similar finserv clients. But no similar clients in the US. Within 5 months we did a full growth marketing and sales campaign, closing United Airlines and Bank of America for six-figure ARR.

These deals got Q-go on the radar of buyers and added strategic value. At some point, the CEO was unable to continue joining on sales efforts because of the inquiries into acquisition. Rightnow was the 2nd fastest growing cloud company in the US behind Salesforce and needed smart semantic engine to increase the value of its customer care platform. 

By adding a horizontal sales team that spanned the US, European and Asia markets, we rapidly built revenue generating capacity across 100 sales, marketing and BDR resources. 

International GTM strategy and service that resulted in measurable valuation and revenue. Big brand deals got company considered by investors to be flat on radar for a future exit. Q-go became the kernel NLP engine for social, chat, avatars and knowledge base intent-based interactions in the 1.3b acquisition of Rightnow by Oracle.



2013 this mobile payment service did Market Discovery through a Growth 2.0 Lab in Mountain View led by Global Venture Advisors before it’s first external funding round.


2019 this encrypted data sharing tech firm out of Tokyo conducted Market Discovery in the US through Global Venture Advisors. 


2014 this application marketplace service did Market Discovery and a Growth 2.0 Lab in Mountain View led by Global Venture Advisors. HQ: Barcelona, Spain. Exit: Gartner.


2018 to 2020 this data privacy platform did Market Development and participated in two Growth 2.0 Labs in US led by Global Venture Advisors. HQ: New Haven, US.


2019 this enterprise AI service for sales augmentation conducted Market Discovery in the US Global Venture Advisors. 


2014 this optical AI service did Market Discovery and a Growth 2.0 Lab in San Francisco led by Global Venture Advisors. Met Facebook head of global partnerships. HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark. Exit: Facebook Oculus.


2018 this blockchain solution and crypto service did Market Discovery and a Growth 2.0 Lab in Mountain View led by Global Venture Advisors. HQ: Ljubljana, Slovenie.


2019 this SaaS fashion marketplace did Market Discovery in US led by Global Venture Advisors. 


2018 this mobile video marketplace did Market Discovery in US and in 2020 in W. Europe led by Global Venture Advisors. 



Senior Management, engineering and project teams wanted to transform the way Made for iPod program managed it’s strategic product and service partners. Process and data redesign to move fragmented and Excel-based process spanning several countries to a SaaS-based data lifecycle platform. 


Global Head of Digital Infrastructure led successful rollout of Omnichannel CX platform built in Amsterdam to support physical-digital personalization solutions for amusement parks, hospitality and entertainment use cases.


VP Digital Transformation led sourcing and rollout for Natural Language solution to support customer care with Amsterdam-based NLP tech firm. Realized significant call reduction and upselling at this leading financial services company later acquired by Bank of America.


Senior VP Digital responsible for growing digital revenue from U$ 500m to 4b. Conducted discovery into solutions and AI strategy, which led to POC request for Marketing AI for Warsaw-based Synerise


United Airlines VP eCommerce wanted to improve customer experience and reduce costs by adding Natural Language Q&A to the homepage. The Atlanta-based ecommerce team led led a global, multi-lingual rollout using Amsterdam-based Q-go. Benefits included call reduction and upselling with tens of millions in value generated per year. 


Strategic partnership led by Global Head IoT at Cisco team in SF Bay Area and Innovation Center Lead in Berlin. Leading German-built IoT platform with edge and cloud analytics for Infrastructure IoT in manufacturing, utilities and other remote use cases. Solution was first industry analytics app ported to Cisco routers and put on Global Cisco Price List. Increased by 3x router market pricing and gave Cisco an industry strength solution in connected industry.


With GDPR deadline pending, Transformation Execs at this global hygiene and health company sought to pilot a data privacy service to support digital customer journey and double opt-in for business to consumer use cases.


IBM’s North America Blockchain Lead met 1-1 with CXOs of blockchain platforms to build shared vision for ecosystem and explore areas to cooperate in EMEA and US. Designed multi-day blockchain Growth 2.0 Lab for Peer networking and knowledge sharing.


Microsoft Ventures Head of Growth Programs joined Growth 2.0 Lab and met mobile AI service Swiftkey. Microsoft Ventures hosted three more Bay Area Growth 2.0 Labs with more than 60 AI and cloud tech firms. Swifkey HQ: London, UK. Exit: Microsoft


Righnow Head of Strategy and executed global rollout of horizontal function to distribute strategic Natural Language solutions through the existing team structure in several countries. Supported multi-channel social monitoring, chat and intent-driven customer care call reduction and upselling at a leading financial services company.


XTPL is publically traded on the Polish Stock Exchange.  



AIT is an online data science masters program for international data science and cloud talent of European industry and high tech companies. Global Venture Advisors is a Market Development partner in Benelux, Middle East and US. Growth 2.0 Lab co-host in 2019 and 2020.


CzechInvest is the Investment and Business Development Agency of the Czech Republic contributes to attracting foreign direct investment and developing domestic companies through its services and development programs. CzechInvest partnered on one Growth 2.0 Labs held in Amsterdam along with the Prague Innovation Center during the Dutch EU Presidency.


Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) helps Flemish companies expand their business abroad and assists foreign companies in navigating Flanders and facilitates investment projects in Flanders. FIT has partnered on three Growth 2.0 Labs all held in California.


Tech Tour International Venture Club is one of the leading corporate venture clubs in Europe. Tech Tour, founded in Geneva in 1998, is committed to the development of emerging technology companies in Europe and a network of transformation leaders – investors, corporate development leads, digital Execs leading transformation. Each year, the 80 members (Philips, Dow, Logitech, Almaz Capital, others) showcases hundreds of the growth enterprises in Europe with a focus on transforming work, health and climate. TT Club uses Global Venture Advisors as its International Market Development partner and has partnered on three Growth 2.0 Labs.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business organization representing the interests of more than three million businesses of every size, sector, and region. The US Chamber of Commerce partnered on a Growth 2.0 Lab hosted by the Consulate General in San Francisco.


The World Bank provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. Global Venture Advisors and UC Berkeley entrepreneurship faculty member Whitney Hischier were asked to research growth opportunities for venture capital and technology firms in Hungary and Poland. Two case studies were written and delivered at UC Berkeley business school, with lessons taken from more than 50 interviews and secondary research.


Cybersec is a Pan-European cyber initiative as part of the Kosciuszko Institute, a think tank on law, economy, energy and climate policy, security, defence and international relations. Named for the famous Polish Colonel who fought in the American Revolutionary War. Global Venture Advisors was a partner and led a Growth 2.0 Lab for growth entrepreneurs in Cybersecurity from Central Europe.


Enterprise Ireland is an Irish state economic development agency accelerates the development of Irish enterprises capable of achieving strong positions in global markets. Enterprise Ireland partnered on one Growth 2.0 Lab held in California.


Giza Polish Ventures (GPV) fund was established in Poland by one of the country’s early venture investors Zygmunt Grajkowski. GPV was established in cooperation with the Israeli VC group Giza Venture Capital (est 1992). Giza VC focus is in communications, information technologies, enterprise software, the life sciences and medical equipment, clean technologies, media, the Internet, and entertainment. Established in 2012, GPV invested in more than 30 software companies. Global Venture Advisors is an advisor to the Board and a Market Development partner to the portfolio companies. Since 1992, Giza has formed five funds and invested approximately $600 million. 


Prime Ventures is a leading venture capital and growth equity firm focused on investing in European companies in the technology and related industries. They leverage capital, experience and network to build global category leaders. Partner Roel de Hoop knew Q-go - one of their portfolio companies - was increasing focus on global markets, particularly the US.

To test the approach, CXO team defined a one month Market Discovery project with just five companies on the list: United Airlines, First Republic Bank and three other major players in verticals the company. Within a month, meetings had been held with four of the five companies at VP Digital level. Deciding the Discovery cycle was successful, the company embarked on a Market Development effort that overhauled the Go to Market -- focusing on three vertical industries and integrating Business Development, Sales and Marketing for the new market. This resulted in closed deals with two top five industry players for $500m ARR within five months. 

When the company exited, value had been created for the company which ensured Prime got returns higher than they'd expected before the MDAS.


PointOne Innovation Fund (GPV) fund was a Dutch technopartner fund founded by CJ Koomen, former CEO North America for Philips. Focus of the fund is on connected industry, nanotechnology, semiconductors, communications, information technologies, enterprise software, the life sciences and medical equipment, clean technologies. PointOne invested in ten companies mostly in the Eindhoven region. Global Venture Advisors was a founding team member and a Market Development partner for portfolio companies. helps quantify and accelerate the tech ecosystem of the Netherlands. Creating the optimal climate for tech companies to scale with programs and initiatives for improving access to capital, market and talent. The Netherlands has partnered on three Growth 2.0 Labs - two in California and one at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.


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