Market Development-As-a-Service

Remote Markets Have Always Been Hard to Reach


Use Patterns and Networks of Global Market Leaders

Don't reinvent the wheel when it is time to grow revenue globally. Use the networks, technologies and tactics that worked for market leaders. Access Europe's top Deep Tech network and Industry Club. Bring 75% faster time-to-market, increase deal size by 30% & capture 10x valuation on each euro of revenue.

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Why Our Approach

We are the only Market Development Discovery managed service with a 10+ year track record helping regional champions become global category leaders.


AIML Peers to Share Patterns

Access founders of the AI Growth200. The fastest European tech firms taking AI global since 2013.


Focus 100% on Your Markets

Establish relationships in key markets with senior Execs including Berkeley, INSEAD and Ivy League alumni. 


Global Product-Market Fit Awards

Discover insights to shorten cycles, differentiate and grow revenue in key markets anywhere in the world. 


Corporate Venture Club Access

Market Development Partner to one of Europe's most active industry & investor communities. 


  1. Market Development Discovery (6 ms). Remove the barriers to growth before your team hits them. Spend 20% of the effort on globalizing and gain 100% of the value. 25:1 ROI

    • Define Ecosystem Map

    • We engage Execs (any company anywhere in the world) 

    • Market Development Discovery - Sales, Marketing, Product, Partner, Tech Stack GTM plan

  2. Market Development-As-a-Service (Ongoing). Engage top segments using a structured, AI-leveraged approach. 50:1 ROI.

    • Market Development-As-a-Service (for expanding revenue from Americas, EMEA)

    • US and EMEA Corporate Exec alumni from Berkeley, Ivy League alumni, EMEA Corp VC Club & Investors

  3. C-suite Advisory 

    • Access knowledge for navigating Americas, EMEA based on 25+ AI Tech Firms & 200+ Peers That Did Global Growth

    • Thought Leadership. Video Library for Digital Execs on 'Why, what, how to Grow with AI" (eBook 2021: Growth 2.0 Lab)

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AI for B2B

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Carbonfootprint AI

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Market Development Discovery opens doors to larger deals, more differentiation and the predictable growth and serendipity enjoyed by global category leaders.  



Global Venture Advisors share the technologies and networks that make smart growth more accessible. Patterns used by Digital Execs from Cisco, Apple, Philips TV, Essity, United Airlines, Disney Interactive, SAP, Audi, ServiceNow and other companies.

Growth 2.0 Cases

  • AI Marketing Cloud: Synerise (Krakow)

  • Data Privacy Platform: Privacycheq (San Francisco) 

  • Data Sharing: Eaglys (Tokyo)

  • Digital & Physical Experience Platform: Rightcom (Accra)

  • IoT for Infrastructure: azeti (Berlin, Earlybird) 

  • Natural Language for Customer Care: Q-go (Amsterdam) 

  • Fintech: Adyen (Amsterdam)

  • Machine Learning Platform: Algolytics (Warsaw) 

  • Mobile Entertainment: Shazam (London) 

  • Mobile AI: Microsoft Swiftkey (London) 

  • Cloud Application Services: Gartner GetApp (Barcelona)

  • Advanced Manufacturing: XTPL (Wroclaw)


What our Clients Say about Us

Thorsten pic
Thorsten Schaefer Chairman, azeti (IoT, Berlin) & ex-Earlybird. Landed Cisco
Avoid the feeling ‘what am I missing’. Get a superior way to expand a market. Use this approach to lay groundwork in your strategic markets.
Kris pic
Krzysztof Blusz Global Expansion Director, Synerise AI Marketing Cloud
We trust them as our international GTM advisor & execution partner. Working with Lynn, Praveen and Chris was easy given their pragmatic mindset.
Marcel pic
Marcel Smit CEO Q-go, NLP used at KLM and Bank of America
The network built over many years and agile approach means you skip to the point, get most out of first steps, can adjust and maximize your results.

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