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Solution Briefs: How to Grow with AI

Pawel at Algo
Pawel Grzybowski, CCO (10 ms) Algolytics
Customer Analytics & Machine Learning
James at Cognism
James Isilay, CEO (13 ms) Cognism
B2B Lead Gen & Sales Intelligence
Steven at Teradata
Stephen Brobst, CTO (13 ms) Teradata
Augmentation vs Automation with Enterprise Analytics

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We help you meet management of regional tech leaders. You tell us what challenges, geographies or use cases you are interested in and we do the rest.

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Past Showcases

Senior Transformation Execs have met with more than 250+ tech firms related to AI -- from connected infrastructure to SaaS AI applications. Several Execs have become ongoing industry advisors to companies. Since 2013 we have showcased compelling AI technologies - like Adyen before their first funding round - and tactics that make smart growth more accessible. Meetings taken with AI entrepreneurs led to cooperation for Cisco, Essity, United Airlines, Disney Interactive, Fidelity and other Global 5000.  

Domains from Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas

  • AI Marketing Cloud: Synerise (Krakow)

  • Data Privacy: Privacycheq (San Francisco) 

  • Data Sharing: Eaglys (Tokyo)

  • Digital & Physical Experience Management: (Accra, Rightcom) 

  • IoT for Infrastructure: azeti (Berlin, Earlybird) 

  • Natural Language for Customer Care: Q-go (Amsterdam) 

  • Fintech: Adyen (Amsterdam)

  • Machine Learning Platform: Algolytics (Warsaw) 

  • Mobile Entertainment: Shazam (London) 

  • Mobile AI: Microsoft Swiftkey (London) 

  • Cloud Application Services: Gartner GetApp (Barcelona)

  • Nano 3D Printing/Advanced Manufacturing: XTPL (Wroclaw)

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AI businesswoman

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Access founders of the AI Growth200. The fastest Europe, Africa, Middle East & US tech firms taking AI global since 2013.


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Quarterly updates on AI and ML applications that help you stay abreast of what's changing in your industry, function or areas of interest.


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Discover insights, gain knowledge with short videos by your transformation Exec Peers and world class AI entrepreneurs. 


EMEA Corporate/VC Club

Join as Special Guest to our partner, Europe's most active Deep Tech industry & investor community, Tech Tour. 


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    • Do a 30 minute initial call with a company to test the relevance

    • Or Request Link to complete an Interest & Maturity Assessment

  2. 4+ Calls p/y & eLearning

    • We curate AI tech companies in your domain of interest (AI, ML, NLP, Vision, IoT, Edge, etc.)

    • Access Video Library for AI Transformation Executives. 250+ companies showcased since 2013: Shazam, Soundcloud, Adyen, 2014: Swiftkey, Blockchain.....2021: Teradata, Cognism, Algolytics, Persefoni. Replay recent eBook: The 2021 Growth 2.0 Lab

  3. Exclusive Invites to Peer Networking Events - Join as Special Guest 
    • US and EMEA Industry Peers. Invite-only gatherings with Berkeley, Stanford, Ivy League alumni (add your University alumni working in Digital Transformation)

    • Corporate Venture Club. Next Deep Tech Club gathering: October. Since 2013 we are a development partner to Europe's most active Corp VC Club & Investors Tech Tour, led by CEO William Stevens 

    • Get on Waiting List for "Roaring 20s" Party in Amsterdam at 10th Growth 2.0 Lab. Why, what, how AI/ML & cloud accelerate Market Development with a leading AI network in NW Europe

You stay current, build a network of Peers and satisfy your quest for future-proof knowledge. Berkeley alumni hosted the first Growth 2.0 Lab in 2013 in Mountain View. Our 10 year track record bridging industry and tech firms is accelerating to help you keep pace with change. 

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What our Community Says

deborah magid
Deborah Magid Director Software Strategy, IBM Ventures
My life is about the global community….And that is who is here.
Peter Braun Board Member, European Business Angels Network
The quality of the people that are assembled.…at a very personal, very familiar level….is just fantastic.
Raymond Liao Managing Partner, Samsung NEXT
Samsung looks forward to being involved for many years to come.