"I had the privilege of working with Chris as an intern during my Berkeley Haas MBA in 2012-14.

Chris set a clear vision at the time: he aimed to increase the European presence in Silicon Valley, to help boost entrepreneurship and knowledge on how to grow cross-Atlantic. Together with other MBA interns, we set up the inaugural Global Venture meeting, connecting senior execs from both EU and US companies (e.g., Adobe, Cisco, SoundCloud, Shazam). I believe the event created great connections - some of which are still active to date. 

Being part of the VC and startup world was inspiring to me - and I felt I did not want to leave this world. Upon graduation in 2014, I rejoined McKinsey for a brief period, after which I transitioned to the tech world myself, working at Salesforce, leading some of our most entrepreneurial teams.

I highly recommend working with Chris on expanding the startup/tech/VC networks, e.g., the Deep Tech program. I am confident it will equally inspire you and help to craft your own path in tech, should you aspire to do so."

Bart Pannecoeck

Regional VP, Global Industry Advisory, Salesforce

Grad Student Talentship in 2013