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How to Grow with AI as a Sales Leader, Sales Operation and AI Service


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Who this video is for?

  • SaaS companies with a working product who are looking to scale up

  • Deep Tech companies with a working product who are looking to scale

  • Any Exec who wants to re-validate their business in a remote market

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"How to Accelerate Your Career in AI and Deep Tech During the Pandemic Using a Remote AI or Growth Talentship" by Chris with Global VentureAdvisors VSLAlpha"

About the Video:

The Pandemic has changed how careers are built. ML Engs & Sales teams are two sides of the same coin and we introduce a Talentship toolkit of smart growth concepts and tactics, micro-services and AI/Machine Learning-related technologies. 


  • How the Pandemic changed career building

  • What new AI & Deep Tech opportunities there are for ML engineers and international business people

  • How to set a course when you starting a career or shifting a career

  • How they can do this yourself

  • How to do it with us, through our AI and Growth Talentship

  • Features of the Talentships

  • Benefits

  • How to Apply and Q&A 

#GlobalVentureAdvisors helps entrepreneurs and enterprises grow smarter. Senior Execs and their growth teams learn and execute Remote Market Development. #GlobalVentureForum & Growth 2.0 Insights series began in Berkeley in 2013 with Shazam, Soundcloud, and Adyen, to help founders grow smarter.

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